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“Leadership Confidence: Defining Your Destination”


Program Includes:

  • 9-month partnership

  • Half Day VIP Intensive (3-hrs)

  • 19 coaching hours (Two, 50-minute sessions per month)

  • PLUS: 45-minute celebration and next steps session

  • True Tilt and Tilt365 Positive Influence Predictor Assessments

  • Spot Coaching- Up to Five (5) – 20-minute calls

  • 2-hour Initial Discovery Session

  • Structured Coaching Program includes the identification of: Values, Motivators, Self-talk and Character Strengths 

  • Supported by additional session topics: Networking, Communication, Delegation, Work/life Integration, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Presence


Program Benefits:

  • Co-creation of personalized coaching objectives and goals 

  • Dedicated personal and professional development of client's:

    • Self-Awareness

    • Character Strengths

    • Values Alignment 

    • Leadership Skills

    • Leadership Confidence

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