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3 Steps to Create Strategic Relationships That Drive Leadership Success

Are you truly harnessing the power of strategic relationships to drive your career to new heights?

In this interactive workshop, you will gain the insights and skills needed to navigate the complex dynamics of professional relationships. By mastering the art of building, nurturing, and leveraging strategic relationships, you will create meaningful connections that propel your success.

Our proprietary SMS process will not only boost your career but also enhance your self-confidence. It will equip you with an action plan focused on leveraging key relationships that unlock doors to advancement and open up new opportunities for leadership growth.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of fostering long-term relationships that promote personal and professional growth.

  • Uncover the secrets of our proprietary SMS process and apply it to foster strong, enduring connections.

  • Develop a powerful network of allies and mentors who can guide and support your professional journey.

  • Create a mind map and action plan focused on leveraging key relationships to advance your goals and leadership desires.

Date and Time: Friday, September 8th at 8am central

Registration Deadline: September 7th

Registration Fee: FREE

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