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Consulting services are focused on personal and professional employee development.

Services include:

  • Learning needs assessment

  • Learning and development program design 

  • Survey creation and analysis

  • Mentorship programs

  • Coaching

  • Facilitation

  • Team development


What is Coaching?

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

I partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. ​​I am known for helping clients see situations through a different lens or perspective which opens the door to new possibilities. 


Through the art of asking questions, clients find their own "right answers" to create their unique path forward.  By establishing a safe space based on trust, clients are enabled to grow and develop while staying authentic to their values and beliefs.


Through coaching, you have an opportunity to increase self-awareness through confidential discussions where mutual agreements of safety are agreed upon. Understanding your values and what motivates you can allow for insight into how to get "unstuck", achieve your goals and find joy and happiness.

Why consider Coaching?

  • Improve self-awareness

  • Incorporate work/life integration

  • Broaden your circle of influence

  • Career development/advancement

  • Lacking engagement/stuck in your role

  • Improve leadership skills

    • Emotional intelligence

    • Executive presence

    • Decision making

    • Communication

Individual Coaching packages include a variety of partnership levels, each with the option to extend.  I welcome the opportunity to meet with you during a complimentary 30 minute “synergy” call to discuss.  Contact me to learn more.

Team Coaching invites the collective team to grow and learn together.  Whether the team is focused on collective skill advancement, team building, dedicated focus to achieve a sprint/goal or seeking to become higher performing, team coaching opens the door to an intentional shift where the team begins to work in flow as one and creates exponential impact.


Team coaching helps teams reach their goals, while creating a sustainable environment that cultivates long-term excellence and success. The team coaching process helps teams align around a shared purpose, establish team agreements, define clear roles, commit to team accountability and make powerful choices while becoming higher performing.


Each team coaching partnership is customized to your teams needs. 


Contact me to discuss and learn more.




Customized workshops are designed to empower self-awareness, build leadership skills and support behavioral change. Each workshop is customized to your unique needs and objectives and desired outcomes are discussed in detail during planning calls to ensure program success.

A few workshop program examples include:

  • Team building and skill development

  • Cognitive Diversity

  • Conflict Style

  • Change Management

  • Communication

  • Decision Making

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Designing individual and team growth plans

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Positive Intelligence

  • Problem Solving

  • Trust

Common workshop outcomes include:

  • Individual and team accountability

  • Skill development

  • Individual and team awareness

  • Increased engagement

  • Increased productivity and effectiveness


Most common classroom workshop lengths: 

  • Half-day 

  • Full-Day 

  • Learning Journey 

    • Workshops that are held at agreed-upon intervals over a period of time. Allows team members to practice new skills and build upon them over time.


Most common virtual/online workshop lengths: 

  • Half-day (1.5 - 3 hours)

  • Learning Journey

    • Workshops that are held at agreed-upon intervals over a period of time. Allows team members to practice new skills and build upon them over time.



Through the use of thinking style, character trait and personality assessment tools, I partner with client(s):

  • one-on-one to improve self-awareness, leadership skills and attain personal achievements

  • teams to improve performance, increase engagement and gain alignment to achieve team goals

  • organizations to change the culture where employees and leaders are exceeding personal and professional goals  

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Each of the assessment tools are supported by workshops to set a foundation and to deepen the learning while empowering self-awareness and behavior change. 

Assessment Types:

  • Self and 360

  • Teams 

  • Thinking Style

  • Character Based Leadership Style

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Positive Intelligence

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Lei partners with organizations to amplify and elevate their internal communication skills, relationships and leadership effectiveness.


With healthcare and hospitality corporate industry experience and a passion for learning & development, Lei brings 15 collective years of coaching, mentoring, consulting, training and facilitation experience to her audience and clients.

Popular Speaking Topics:

  • Unlock Your Potential: Connecting Passion, Purpose & Skills.

       Discover how to increase your impact while staying authentic to your true self.

  • Create Strategic Relationships That Drive Leadership Success.

       Become the influential leader you want to be by truly connecting.

  • Cognitive Diversity: Understanding Different Thinking Styles.

       Learn how to shift your approach and increase influence based on your audience.

  • What Did My Brain Just Say? Sage vs Saboteurs. 

       Your mind is your best friend. But it can also be your worst enemy. Learn how Mental Fitness         can change your approach to everyday challenges.

  • Character vs Personality-Based Leadership.

       Learn how to develop character traits to uplevel your leadership success.

Recent Speaking Engagements: 

  • Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM)

  • Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)

  • Association for Talent Development (ATD)

  • Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA)

  • Women In Manufacturing (WiM)


“Lei strives to help each person achieve their full potential.  The best thing about Lei is that she truly cares about employees on a personal and professional level.”

- Jared N.

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